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We get it! Canadian weather can be hard on our roads – That’s why municipalities, road owners and maintenance contractors have trusted The Patchmaster Limited for spray patching, pothole remediation and sweeping services for almost 20 years

Spray Patching

Spray Patching is a cost-effective pavement maintenance process for road owners and road maintenance contractors. The spray patch process improves and repairs pavement cracking and prolongs the life of road surfaces without the cost associated with a full chip seal or pavement program. Spray patching is applied using a mix of aggregate  (gravel) and sprayed emulsion (asphalt) with a spray patching machine. These patches are then either raked or rolled into place to ensure a bond with the road surface.

Spray Injection Patching

We use spray injection patching as our process to repair potholes. Spray injection patching uses the same technology as spray patching to provide a layer of asphalt and aggregate (gravel) sprayed into the pothole before being covered with another layer of aggregate (gravel).We believe this is the most effective and cost efficient process to remediate potholes

Street and Surface Sweeping

Using our Elgin Eagle Sweeper we provide professional, safe and efficient sweeping of roads, road approaches and surface parking lots after winter melt or anytime during the season remove gravel, dirt and debris.

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Our Projects

Building on our reputation

We are currently working on some new projects, continue to visit our site for new projects.

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